Best 25 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

20 March 2020

Real estate agents are the critical link in the real property buying process. Despite this fact, in recent time the buyers of real estate tend to manage their issues by themselves without involving the realtors. Nowadays the internet has become a great tool to sell or purchase the apartment or house. We will review some best practices that will come in handy when you will be developing your own marketing strategy. 

Why Do I Need a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing strategy is a long-term plan that is aimed to achieve a competitive advantage over the rivals. So, the first reason why you need a marketing strategy is the clear tasks that it helps to set. The strategy defines the steps you need to include in your scheme. The clear step-by-step plan is a basis for achieving any goal, not only in real estate investing. 

Also, a marketing strategy helps you to determine your target clients and target market. In real estate, these two options are essential. It affects your success in this business and increases the opportunities to make a good transaction. 

  1. Set Up Social Media Profiles for the Business

Social media plays a vital part in making your business visible. Various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest will help you to promote your residential or commercial properties in the most effective way. Post-high-quality photos, prepare attractive descriptions, and you will find the clients faster, especially in the case when your target audience is millennials. 

Why Do I Need a Marketing Strategy?
Why Do I Need a Marketing Strategy?
  • Track Competitors’ Activities

Look through the websites of the other investors in the local area. Check their social media pages, take notes of the successful tactics and then include these approaches in your marketing strategy. This method will also help you to avoid mistakes and recreate their success.

  • Make an Impressive Contact Page

Make the opportunity to contact you more available to your customers. Place the ‘Contact Me’ icon on every page of your website. Make your contacts noticeable to attract the attention of the clients. 

  • Add the Photos of Location

Location is the key factor that determines the profitability of your investment property. You may share not only the photos of the property itself but also you can add some photos of the neighborhood area. This approach works best for the vacation properties for rent. As the landlord, you can post the photos of the city, historical landmarks, picturesque views that would bring tourists to your rental property. 

Photos of Location
Photos of Location
  1. Hire Professional Photographer

Photos mean a lot when it comes to the sale of real estate. If you are the dealer of the real property, then you need to think about the suitable advertising. As we mentioned earlier, one of the best ways to promote your property is to post it on your social media pages. For this reason, you need to have photos made by professionals. Search for the photographer who has photos of architecture in his portfolio. 

If you want to save money, you may use your own equipment and learn how to make good photos of the apartment on specialized resources.  

  • Create a Virtual Tour

A virtual tour helps to give the potential buyers the impression of the property. It helps to provide a better idea of how the property looks like, its size, the location of the items and other issues, in comparison with the photos. A virtual tour creates the sensation of the presence and saves time – the client understands whether he likes the property or not.

  • Shoot the Animated Video

Short animated videos are a popular form of advertising. They often look like cartoons which makes them easy to perceive. The advertising videos of some brands sometimes even become viral and spread around the world. So do not neglect this opportunity to promote your business. You may include the local landmarks into your animated video to make it targeted and unique. The video should not be too polished. It has to be simple and short.

Real estate Virtual Tour
Real estate Virtual Tour
  • Use Pinterest Boards 

Pinterest is a quite popular marketing tool for different businesses. In the real estate industry, you can apply this platform to create the listings. For instance, you can create a separate board for each property, add photos and describe the major advantages of the piece of real estate and some area characteristics.

  • Make a Mobile-Friendly Website

According to recent studies, about 80% of Internet users view the webpages from their mobile devices. Put some amount of finance aside to create the mobile-friendly interface of your website. You may also create the application that potential investors may use to look through the listings. 

  • Apply Email Marketing

Email marketing is a strategy that enhances clients’ loyalty. Create emails that notify the customers of your website about new open houses, upcoming houses on the local market, some news and other information. Use different strategies for clients from diverse geographic areas. Make sure that they receive only relevant information. 

  • Create Email Nurture Campaigns

An email nurture campaign is an inevitable component of every profit-making marketing strategy. When you are starting the email nurture campaign, you are investing in your audience. Every business requires establishing relationships with clients. An email nurture campaign is a personalized approach when the brand uses targeted information provided by clients’ actions and creates a certain pattern of behavior, based on this data.

For example, if the clients visited the open house with you for the first time, your email may include the description of the other houses on the local market. Nurturing campaigns are aimed to educate and guide clients.

  • Build Google My Business Page

Google My Business is one more promotional tool that increases the visibility of your business for the customers. With Google My Business page your clients are able to find you via Google Search, Google+ and Maps.

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